Beautiful 3d Aquarium Background Show Tank wet or dry For Sale - New and Used

Beautiful 3d  Aquarium Background Show Tank wet or dry

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Beautiful 3d Aquarium Background Show Tank wet or dry:

Many more designs and sizes available!!!!!!!!!!!

You will not believe the depth and detail this thin background will give. This is one of the slimline backgrounds which is great for smaller tanks or tanks that don’t want to lose any square footage, plus they are made to overlap each other so you can have an endless length. These can still be installed away from the back wall to hide equipment or directly against the glass.

This background measures 20" X 31.75" and less than 1" thick. These backgrounds were actually designed and molded from real rock walls to give a realistic and beautiful 3-D appearance. They add a touch of realism to create that natural biotope that can only be achieved with these backgrounds. All the materials used are non-toxic, Ph neutral, and can be cleaned with a soft bristle brush. These backgrounds are made of very high density polyurethane industrial foam. The backgrounds are flat on the backside and can be installed on the back glass or they can be moved forward as far as you want to give room for whatever equipment you want to hide. For installation they are glued across the bottom and up the sides. The core of the backgrounds are colored black to hide any holes from pipes or hoses and also any damage that might happen down the road after installation. If you have any questions regarding installation, the product or need a custom size background please send us an e-mail or take a look in the tutorials section.

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