Art Photo Postage Stamp SMOOTH COATED CHIHUAHUA DOG Souvenir Sheet Imperf MNH For Sale - New and Used

Art Photo Postage Stamp SMOOTH COATED CHIHUAHUA DOG Souvenir Sheet Imperf MNH

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Art Photo Postage Stamp SMOOTH COATED CHIHUAHUA DOG Souvenir Sheet Imperf MNH:

RARE SMALL COLLECTION OF DOG BREED COLLECTIBLE POSTAGE STAMPS, this particular collection has not been previously offered on !!

This sale is for the Breed: Smooth Coated Chihuahua Dog. Condition: 1 MNH Photo Souvenir Sheet Stamp, imperforated, meaning the stamp in the center does not have a perforation around it, Head & Body Study Art work, (4 1/8" wide by 3" high). Five only!!

A few words about stamps for those who are not seasoned collectors: MNH, standing for Mint Never Hinged, means that these stamps have come to you straight from the issuing country's post office, and have never been affixed or used in any way. This is the highest grade available for collectors, and represent stamps of the highest value. The next step down from MNH is CTO, meaning Cancelled To Order by the issuing country, stamped over the corner on their original sheets, to negate their negotiable value, and specifically for collectors worldwide. Having been "cancelled", the value of CTO stamps is only half or less the value of MNH stamps, except in very rare cases of extremely rare stamps. And then, finally, there are Used stamps, which have the least value of all, but are still fun to collect for the beautiful images involved! "Used" stamps have been used on a letter or package, and then later removed for the collectible market.

Except in cases where there were very few options available, my sets are all unique, with completely different stamps in each collection for each breed, but please check the scans or ask questions for further information. Typically, I also have kept Used and CTO stamps separate from the MNH ones, but in a few cases there is a "mix".

Contact me for most of these stamps which can be sold individually, as well!!

Specifically for the Collectible Market, many countries also offer Souvenir Sheets, which have one or more stamps as a part of a larger sheet, printed with many kinds of beautiful artwork or photographs of the topical area!

My small collections will make a wonderful addition to your collection, and there are so many beautiful breeds to choose from - PLEASE check my other sales! To keep your cost down, I have broken many of the breeds up into small collections of 4 to 7 unique stamps, but the various collections can be combined for shipping at NO ADDITIONAL COST!!

My Buy It Now sale Sells at only $2.99! First Class postage is FREEwithin the USA, $1.25 elsewhere Worldwide, or FREE as an additional item by requesting a Combined Invoice. Additional stamps (ANY NUMBER OF THEM - however many you like!) bought at my sales will be combined for NO ADDITIONAL POSTAGE!! Please check my fantastic response!! Thank you for offerding!! Also check my sales for Dog Books in your Breed of Interest!!

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