5 Sheets 1/4" Clear Cell Cast Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet 12 x 12 For Sale - New and Used

5 Sheets 1/4

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5 Sheets 1/4" Clear Cell Cast Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet 12 x 12 :

Description 5 Sheets 1/4" Clear Cast Acrylic Plexiglass12" x 12"

Each sheet is 12" x 12" +/-1/16" cutting tolerance.

Attention Engravers! Engraving Chemcast cell cast acrylic sheet is superior to extruded and "lesser" brand acrylics. This acrylic will not melt or cut poorly under a laser. It engraves beautifully and will prove to be far superior for engraving and cutting.

Crystal clear cast acrylic plexiglass sheet gives the high molecular weight benefits of cast acrylic, combined with outstanding thickness consistency! Cast acrylic plexiglass sheet is easier to fabricate and it will not melt when cutting or fabricating. It polishes to a crystal clear clarity and is the superior brand for all types of projects. Cast acrylic plexiglass sheet is 10 times stronger than glass and half the weight!

Delvie's Plastics offers only cell cast acrylic plexiglass sheet, the highest quality available. Unlike inferior grades, cell cast acrylic plexiglass sheet will not melt when cutting on a table, band or jig saw or while gang cutting. When polishing, only cell cast sheet will polish to a high luster. All sheets are paper masked, both sides. Don't look for "better or lesser" grades of acrylic sheet from Delvie's. We offer only the best products at prices matching the economy grades of our competitors.

Check out our storeto see all of our acrylic/plexiglass products.

Delvie's Plastics has been in the acrylic business for over 45 years. The plexiglass sheets we sell are brand new, cell cast plexiglass/acrylic sheets manufactured by Chemcast. We do not sale used, old, or discounted material. It is not scratched or dinged in any way and is masked with high quality paper masking, which unlike film masking, offers better protection and peels back without hassle.

This is how we make our living, expect only the highest quality and best service from us.

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