416 One Yen 900 Rare Japanese Silver Coin For Sale - New and Used

416 One Yen 900 Rare Japanese Silver Coin

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416 One Yen 900 Rare Japanese Silver Coin:

.900 Silver One Yen Coin

I found one coin while searching that had the exact same Japanese symbols on it in a coin site where people could post question and others would answer. It was deemed that it was a 1903 one yen coin from the Meiji dinasty. Below are two descriptions I found of the coin.

"This is a big, beautiful Japanese silver coin from the early 1900’s,a little bigger than aU.S. Morgan Dollar, but considerably scarcer.

Relatively few large Japanese silver coins are around any more, and many of those that remain have been stamped with countermarks or chopmarks. But not the ones we’re offering here! Minted between 1901 and 1914, these beauties are in Choice Extremely Fine condition, and completely free of the usual chop marks, which sometimes disfigure the remarkable designs, which show a dragon clutching a pearl on one side and an elaborate wreath on the other. Thanks to a good contact and some hard bargaining, we got an excellent deal on them, and so will you"

"If genuine, the clockwise direction of the spiral on the pearl in the dragon's claws makes it Type II, the less valuable of the two varieties recognized by Krause, (and the least valuable of the three varieties recognized by the Japanese Numismatic Dealers Assn). Krause's 2008 XF values of $1,250 (Type I) and $1,200 (Type II) are somewhat low. On the other hand the 2010 JNDA comparable catalog values of ¥300,000 (~$3,300 - Type I) and ¥200,000 (~$2,200 - Type II) are a little on the optimistic side, although the 3:2 relationship between them is much more accurate IMHO"Read more:
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