(2 Pack) 5280 Pods Three Species Live Marine Copepod Mix Tisbe, Tig, Apocyclops For Sale -

(2 Pack) 5280 Pods Three Species Live Marine Copepod Mix Tisbe, Tig, Apocyclops

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(2 Pack) 5280 Pods Three Species Live Marine Copepod Mix Tisbe, Tig, Apocyclops:

This is a 2 Pack

5280 Pods

10,560+ Premium Marine Copepods, Tigriopus, Tisbe, and Apocyclops

AlgaeBarn, LLC

  • Seed Your Aquarium & Feed Finicky Fish
  • Contains Three nutritious species: Tigriopus, Tisbe, and Apocyclops Copepods
  • Premium live food for Mandarin Dragonets, Seahorses, LPS, SPS & NPS Corals, Wrasses, Anthias, Pipefish, Clown Fish, Blennies, Clams, & other Finicky Fish & Inverts
  • Cleans your tank by consuming detritus and invasive algae
  • 100% Alive On Arrival Guarantee

Imagine having a sustainable & diverse copepod population in your marine aquarium. 5280 Podscontains 10,560+ Premium LIVE Tigriopus, Tisbe, and ApocyclopsCopepods ranging from nauplii to adult sizes.

Our genuine quality Copepods are 100% viable to reproduce in marine aquaria and will establish a diverse, self-sustaining population of Tigriopus, Tisbe, and Apocyclops copepods in your aquarium.5280 Podsis great for seeding new tanks & refugiums, boosting existing Tigriopus, Tisbe, and Apocyclops copepod populations, feeding finicky fish & inverts such as Mandarins, Seahorses, Anthias, Wrasses, SPS, LPS & NPS Corals, Clams, and most other filter-feeding inverts.

OUR MISSION is to earn your loyalty and respect while giving you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to your marine aquarium. We offer genuine quality Tigriopus, Tisbe, and Apocyclops Copepods that are 100% Aquacultured, 100% Sustainable, and 100% Guaranteed, no exceptions!

FREE Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day. We ship every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We guarantee every shipment to be 100% Alive On Arrival or we will replace it free of charge.

Usage Directions:

Always ensure 5280 Pods is dosed at room temperature to avoid temperature shock and ensure maximum pod activity and survival. Active pods will elicit a stronger feeding response from fish and be able to find refuge in your aquarium more quickly. A quick way to “acclimate” the pods to your tank temperature is to float the bag in your aquarium or sump for 10 minutes, the label will not deteriorate.


If your goal is to treat your fish to a healthy, live snack then we recommend adding the desired amount of 5280 Pods directly into a high-flow area of the aquarium during your regular feeding time. Preferably when the lights are on so that the fish can see and pursue the pods.


If your goal is to seed a new aquarium with Pods or increase Pod population in an established system we recommend the following method:

  • Turn off Return Pump, and any Circulation Pumps
  • Turn off UV sterilizer and Protein Skimmer (If applicable)
  • Pour entire contents of 5280 Pods Bag into refugium, display tank, or a mix of both*.
  • Wait 15 minutes to allow Pods to settle into the Rocks and/or Macro Algae.
  • Resume normal equipment operation.

No matter what method you choose, Pod populations can be grown and maintained using our OceanMagik Live Phytoplankton Blend. This unique blend of Live Phytoplankton strains provides a nutritious food source for Copepods and is the same blend we use to culture our Pods.


If you do not use the entire bottle of 5280 Pods at once it can be safely stored for later use. 5280 Pods can be stored unopened in the fridge until the “Use By” date marked on every bottle between 38-54 Degrees Fahrenheit

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