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Pet sitting, dog walking and doggie day care are available. My schedule is flexible in order to make caring for your pets as easy as possible. Let me know how I can help you. Superior, Louisville, Lafayette and Boulder, Colorado.
Pet sitting: Visiting your home or bringing your pet to my house is available. Either way they will get feedings to your specifications, at the times you like; any medications or supplements can be given, and they will be well-exercised and loved. While you are on vacation you can relax and know that your beloved family member is having a fun vacation of their own!
I have taken care of most every breed as well as every "type" of dog: high to low energy; anxious to dominant to aggressive to insecure to outgoing and easy-going. I take my time and I'm gentle with dogs. If I had to sum it up in one word it would be: patience.
All I require from you is honesty. Are your pet's vaccinations up to date? I also need to know if your dog has issues with bikes or other dogs while on walks, or if he is a door dasher, rummages through trashcans, etc.--Please tell me of any issues your pet has. This is to insure that everyone is safe.
When you work with me, there's no work for you. Just a joyful, relaxed, well-exercised pet to meet you when you come home.

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