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Hi. I am new to this website. I needed a safe place to post an ad for puppies I have that need good homes. My gorgeous fawn Stafforshire gave birth to a much larger litter than we expected. We only had 2 sessions with the father, although we did have a third planned - thank God we canceled that!!
Siren, the mom, gave birth to 10 puppies on Monday May 18th '09. I'd taken the Friday before off of work in hopes that she would have the puppies over the 3 day weekend - nope. She was very restless Sunday night, so I slept on an air matress beside her all night - and she was up, then down, up, and then she was staring at me, then down, etc. She went into labor at 5:45am on Monday. I let my 2 kids (14 & 9) stay home from school for this momentous occation. My parents were visiting from out of town, so there was some one here to help out; I watched over the delivery of the first 2 (girls) but couldn't find anyone to cover my shift - so I had to leave.
All day I was waiting for reports on how many and what gender. She had 4 females before giving birth to 2 males. The next pup was female but she wasn't breathing right. My 14 year old daughter cleared out it's air passages and gave it CPR! I have never been so proud of anyone in my life!! Siren had 2 more babies while I was at work. Finally(!!) I left and went home - just in time for her to have one more little girl!!! 10 puppies!!
Four have been adopted into good homes, one is being claimed by my 14 yr old daughter (the one she saved - Lucky), and now I'm trying to find loving homes for the other babies. Am asking a re-homing fee - I've discovered the hard way that breeding your dog is a very expensive undertaking, and not just monetary. The kids spent 2 months with their grandparents only 2 weeks after the birth, so I was the nursemaid (maid, janitor, caregiver, bank - etc - lol).
The pups are now 3 months old and so wonderful! My husband told us not to name them, but how can you not?? Anyway, check out the ad - I hope to find someone who loves them as much as we do.

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