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My name is Sarah and the little black fella in my photo is Billy, my baby boy.
A little about myself: I'm a young gal who is in love with the fashions of the 1940s and the 1950s. I'm also a college student, attending a nice University in California and I'm majoring in Creative Writing. I'm engaged to a swell fella who Billy adores and the three of us will eventually have a little cozy place of our own, hopefully in the near future. Horror movies are my favorite genre and I also am a sucker for a good scary book. I love Halloween and my favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry. Pale skin and naturally long pointy fingernails are a part of little ol' me. Oh, and one more thing; I love Disneyland.
A bit about Billy: He's super soft and his favorite outfit is his american flag t-shirt. Yes folks, he wears clothes. He's an indoor cat who loves scratching at my couch, which is looking pretty bad nowadays, but I'll be getting a new one soon and then it'll be "soft claws" for him (they are nail caps for cats). He suffers from eosinophilic granuloma complex (those pesky rodent ulcers) and I hope one day we will find what is causing them to pop out.
All in all, Billy loves his momma and I adore him as well.
Thanks for reading!

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