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I have currenty 15 pets. 5 Bunnies, 3 Guinea Pigs, 4 Dogs and 3 Cats and love each and eveyone of them even though one or two of them can be a problem, Im the kind of person that if I take a pet home to live with my family unless the animal is a danger to us that animal has a loveing home for its lifetime even the pain in the rear ones because I dont recycle animals. I cant stand people that return or dump their pets just because the pet doesent fit into what they fantasized about theres no such thing as the purfect pet all pets have their little quirks and just like our human family members we should never exchange the animals we decide to take into our homes in hopes of getting a better one because you know you could always exchange it for one thats even worse. LOVE AND NURTURE YOUR PET AND THEY WILL LOVE YOU IN RETURN EVEN ON THE WORST DAYS IN YOUR LIFE.

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