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I am a cat LOVER.  Currenty, I am mommy to Princess Lucille Louise-3, an American Bobtail, Sylvester-6mo, Tuxedo, Poopsie JO-6mo, Beautiful black sleek baby, and Ginny Kat 2 1/2, fuzzy yipes stripes.  Vester and Pojo are definitely the spoiled BRATS of our house, They are the offspring of Priness Lucille Louise.  She had one litter of seven.  Three were bobtail and four were tails.  All went to good homes, but i could not would not give up Vester and Poojo.  Love them sooo much. Ginny Kat is a stray my son found as a small kitten, we've had her ever since. the younger cats refer to her as 'Aunt Ginny', though at six months, they are much larger than her, I assume from their Bobtail heritage. Princess Lucille Louise is a huge, muscular lady and very well mannered. The kids run and tear, while Aunt Ginny Kat is more of  loner.

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