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My name is Anne and I live near to Liverpool in England and have been a cat lover all my life. At the moment I have an adorable 13 year old black and white call called Buddy, a very affectionate lilac Abyssinian called Koko who is 11 years old and the cutest Siamese (my twin sister bred her own Siamese called Tiger Lily who had six kittens she is one of them) aged 3 years called Leah. Buddy and Leah love each other and can always be found curled up together anywhere in the house. Koko is the odd cat out but she has made me her property and can be found sleeping on me. I love them all and could not choose between them but I must say Buddy is the most laid back cat ever. He never attempts to run from you, will put up with any amount of being picked up without fuss and infact he is totally relaxed once you have in in your arms. I adore them all. The cats always come first. They are well travelled as my sister lives 150 miles from me and aften come will me when I visit her. I have a husband John who loves our cats as much as I do at least that saves any cat arguments . Buddy is talking to me now so I must go and see what he wants - more food.

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