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Hey there,
My name is Scarlett.
I am a MAJOR animal lover. I have had all kinds of pets over the years, all furry.
However, my heart lies with the rats and the dogs.
I have three great dogs right now.
My yellow lab's name is rocket and he is the love of my life. He is 4.
I have a little sheltie named Dee Dee (after Dee Dee Ramone) who is a total "bitz." She is 2. She has a horrible overbite but it adds to her appeal I think.
Last but not least, I have a Beagle named Tucker. He has, by far, the best personality of the bunch. He's just a baby at 1 year.
I am a junior trainer at Doberman Rescue Leagues obedience classes. We meet in Ft. Lauderdale Florida if you are looking for obedience classes by the way :)
I show Rocket in obedience. He and I earned our Rally novice title last winter. We also have one leg towards our Novice obedience title. Rocket was also a flyball dog. He earned his FD and FDX titles.

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