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Hello to all bunny lovers out there.
I am the proud owner of an English Spot (Buck) he is gorgeous. He is now 3 years old and just full of energy along with showing his family lots of love.
He is always coming to us when watching tv or when laying on the floor. Snowy is his name we adopted him from another family 2 years ago.
Snowy is the best pet I have ever owned besides a dog that passed when I was young.
We have just brought home three lionhead bunnies that are partially mixed I think.
They are adorable and get along with Snowy great.
Snowy was actually afraid of them at first.
Snowy has not socialised with other rabbits prior to getting the lionheads.
We also have a Guinea Pig named Abbey it use to be Abigale but the vet said it isn't a she its a he.
Oh well, He only likes me for some reason. he bites everyone else and just runs from everyone.
He walks long side of me and always visits me in the kitchen especially when the refrigerator opens.
and he squeels as I am giving him a carott he gets so excited.
I love having these type of animals as pets they are a lot of company and they are smart and trainable if you take the time.

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