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I started Pet Palz in September 2007 as a pet sitting, dog walking & pet taxi service. In 2008 I became involved with rescue shelters & joined Last Chance Rescue as a Board Member. In 2009 I started rescue as an independent rescuer, setting up at my home to provide loving care for unwanted, mistreated & lost pets in need of care until their new loving family home can be found for them. I supply food, shelter and medical care for all pets in need until they get adopted. Unfortunately I do not yet have charity status, so all expenses are out of my own pocket or from donations.At present I care for 32 dogs & 4 cats.
I have also joined Dogs Deserve Better, helping to educate pet owners of the horrors of chaining their dogs up outside & trying to get them to reintroduce the dog into the home as the family pet they were meant to be.
Also in 2008 I became Regional director of South Texas for Wishbones for Pets.We gather pet people together every year from October to November to raise awareness & funds for their local pet related charities.

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