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hi my name is irie.i live in nassau bahamas with my soulmate eugene and our 17 persian cats/children -as we call in the pic is larissa,one of our queens,just ready to give birth.rissa was a rescue ,as were a few of our children -like princess,maurice and his brother shooshoo ,and ramesses.over the years we had rescued many persians through my mom ,who worked with a persian cat rescue organization,while she still lived in virginia -usa-and brought the cats to nassau to find them loving families.the rest of our "kids"are from our own litters,like larissa's phobe and her brother coney and 3 years later her sister maya.we also raised mogli from a new born -she is a hybrid-persian/balinese and kept her daughter lana.princess brought us a 4lb10 oz teacup silver chinchilla daughter named Aida.
my boyfriend met me with 5 cats and now we have 17-our oldest -reno had passed away at 15.
2 years ago i bought for the first time cats from a cattery to expand my colours and gotten 2 teacup queens leto and nefer and a silver teacup stud -karisma.the breeder gave me xerxes and niobe for free-they were not suitable for her and her cattery went belly up.-so i guess that ads up to our 17 kids.i love to share the birthing experience with my queens and ave become a very acomplished midwife/obstiatrician.i habd deliver each kitten and support them by bottle feeding.we put all out love into them ,so that when we allow selected parents to adopt them ,they get a loving family member and ultra affectionate pet/baby.
well thats about me and my passion for my catsther call me catwoman and we are consdered slightly excentric-but who cares!!!!!!!!meow

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