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I'm Cassie. I am from Canada, but currently working abroad in Ireland. Which is great but unfortunatly I had to leave my two babies home with my mother. Hobbs is 3 and half year old female boxer and the first one i bought. She is the best and most stubborn dog I've ever seen. Then there's Billy my one year old all white male boxer. I rescued him in March O8. I'm not sure what situation he was in before. But he has bad seperation anxiety and is terrified of the crate. So my mom brings him to work with her everyday. He really wants to be a good boy but progress is slow. But at least there is progress. Well i could talk for hours about them and what they do but ill try and hold it in. lol. I also have 3 siamese and 1 orange cat. And here in  Ireland I take care of my boyfriends dog Rosy. I'm currently saving to go to school to study zoology. And thats about it.

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