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I want to share what critters that reside with me. I have 3 large birds, George a Yellow Nape, Merlin whom is an Arfican Grey and Chocho a Molocan Cockatoo who was a rescue. George and Merlin I have owned for over 27 years. I raise canaries and I love their song! To my collection I have 3 aquatic turtles, one is a soft shell. I rescued Lepord Gecko 13 years ago and he is fat and sassy like me. I have 2 Queensland Heelers and 2 Pitt Bulls, the 2 male Pitts mom died the night they were born and are my bottle babies, they will be 7 this coming November. I have 4 Manx Cats that 2 are 12 and the other 2 I raised from 2 days old. I am expecting my first litter of babies in about 40 days. I have 2 horses and 3 cows as we raise our own beef. USDA has nothing on me. We all live in harmony and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love Gods little animals way more then I like most people haha! I was a vet tech for over 5 years and common since really plays an important role with owning animals as well as knowing your critters cus they will let you know when something is not right, ya just have to know your friends well. My vet says she gets scared when she sees me coming as she knows its gonna be really something bad, and she is right.

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