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After the sudden moving out of my best friend and her Cavalier who I helped raise for almost 3 years, due to her mother's cancer, I simply HAD to have a Cavalier of my own.  Rubi has been my baby girl since June 3008 and I've loved every minute of it!
I am a 23 year old student living with a couple of roommates in a two story townhome, the perfect size for a smaller dog who gives nothing but love!  Being a sociology major at Pepperdine I am an avid people watcher, so Rubi and I are regulars at our local dog park.  Rubi is my little red bullet (she runs REALLY fast) and LOVES the ball!  I socalized her early on and it has really paid off.  Although she prefers to play fetch, she will also romp about with small and large dogs, enjoying the challenge of the larges ones better.  Sometimes the bigger dogs get too rough or too obsessed with Rubi and she gets stand-offish or attempts to ignore them; and if she is really tired of them messing with her she'll let them know.  She's a tough cookie (just like Mommy!) and takes care of herself in those situations because I let her; although after a while if the larger dogs don't get the hints I'll step in and act as a protector, not scolding the other dogs but simply sheltering my Rubi.
I work as a secretary (taking a leave of absence from school for now) and also enjoy playing pool... being a petite, innocent looking, young girl, some have called me a shark, but I'm only learning and enjoying the game.  I bring Rubi everywhere I can and some people I see around won't recognize me unless I'm with Rubi!

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