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My name is Piglet.I'm a 2 year old male Californian rabbit. My mom adopted me from the Westland MI Humane Society because my first mom thought I was too big to keep. Her loss. My new mom's gain. I love my new home where I get to stay forever and ever.I get tons of love, attention, a bunch of Timothy hay daily, veggies as treats and my dad even made my bonded sister and I a 30 foot rabbit run to run around in during the spring and summer months. I get to live in the house in my bunny room during the winter months. My new mom potty trained me to a litter box and my sister and I even use it while we are outside in our rabbit run. (Bah~~ha ha) I have lot's of fur ball brothers and sisters that I love to play with daily. I have two ferret brothers that my mom wont let me play with though. She says she doesn't want to take a chance in them hurting me and my other 3 rabbit brothers and sisters. I do love to play with my 3 tabby cat brothers, my Calico sister, my St Bernard. My German Shepherd, My Lab Shepherd mix dog. I have Netherland dwarf brother and two Holland lop sisters. I don't like to play with my Netherland dwarf brother because he always wants to fight with me but I sure do love to play with my two Holland lop sisters Cali and Holly. Cali is my new bonded best friend that is always by my side. She is brand new to our family. She is only 13 weeks old and mom said she wont get near as big as myself but that's OK. I still love to play with her and protect her. My mom has adopted all of us except for my St Bernard sister Willow. I love to snuggle up with her for a nice nap. She is one BIG soft fluffy pillow. So now you know a little bit about me :o)

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