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Married since 9/03, my husband, Scott and I have no "human" kids, just 9 of the "furry, four-legged" kind!
We've got 5 cats: 3 male Tabbies (Peaches, Cream and Ivan), 1 female Calico (Ivy), and 1 female Black (Shadow).
We've got 4 dogs: Yellow Lab/Blood Hound mix (Pavlov), Australian Shepherd (Pandora), German Shepherd (Wrecks), and a Rottweiler (Mia).
All our babies were strays, except for 2 cats, Ivan and Ivy, a brother and sister who came FREE to a good home.
My mother lives with us, along with her 2 male cats: a Russian Blue (Dempsey) and another Black (Nero).
Yes, we basically have a small zoo--but I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

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