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My name is Michele. I work at Phantam Freeze Dry, (for dog food) I love to go on trail rides, but I no longer have a horse. I have four german shepherd's who I train/love very much. Two of my past shepherds are now police, Harley and Ace. I live on 42 acres, so I let my dogs run/play which I could watch for hours. Nate cracks me up, he's my funny dog. He will try to steal the others food and they will not permit it so he just goes crazy into a play. I'm just starting to train him now. VinnieV is great for leash walks, he saved me from a car flying by us by pushing me into the ditch, I was walking on the wrong side of the road. Kayla is my protecter, she will inspect everyone who comes near, she had eight pups Christmas morning of 07, I spent the whole day with her on that, she really didn't need my help. Eddie is Eddie as nice/sweet as can be, he is my best friend. He keeps himself clean as he does the others, he listens the best out of the three.

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