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My first dog was an Old English Sheepdog, we called him Dooley. I fell in love with this breed from TV commercials for paint where there was always an OES somewhere in the ad.
I have had 3 OES but in between was the proud owner of a Rottweiller, who was nothing like I had imagined them to be. I chose to have Jesse as I wanted a dog who would be more a protective/guard type and although she did protect her home,car, people etc. she was also very intuitive with those that she liked or disliked. She did not take to the 'loud obnoxious drunk' at a party but loved everyone else!
My 2nd OES was Toppa, who could have been a top showdog but I was reluctant to part with him for the time it would take in order for him to attain that status.
Now there is Jasper, who is the most social and outgoing OES of them all. He just loves to meet & greet dogs of all sizes people aswell but is very respectful of cats.

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