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I am a new OWNER or OWNED BY, LOL! My New baby girl, long hair dopple Dachshund.. "TILA TEQUILA SUNRISE" We call her "TILA" She is 10 weeks old... I live at the Jersey shore~I am very new to this, I have had dogs all my life, but I am new to the Dachshund WORLD... There is alot I need to learn, and I love to read posts and reply... I am formerly a Chihuahua owner for many years~ And currently a PUG owner for 3 yeras now. I am a single mother of 3 boys, ages 13, 17, and 21... My 2 younger sons, got TILA for me 2 days ago, from an amazing woman who has a passion for all dogs, especially Dachshunds~ I love DOGS, they are my PASSION~ I make homemade dog treats, I got into that about 2 years ago, that is alot of fun for both myself and my sons to do together and the dogs LOVE IT! I love to spend time with my sons, my other dog, "BAILEY" our 3 year old PUG, I love to read and write, take long walks on the beach. and go on the message boards and learn as much as possible.. I love to read peoples stories of their experiences with their own dogs, and their lives~ I am a people person always willing to meet new friends~ I look forward to getting to know you all and your furbabies~ Any questions just feel free to ask away~ I am sure I will be doing the same.. Well...... I am glad I found this site~ A new "PLACE" to call HOME AWAY FROM HOME~

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