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My name is Lindsey.  My boyfriend and I took Marla into our lives on June 13, 2008.  She was a scared little thing; thin, and with a wide spread case of red mange.  My boyfriend instantly insisted that she was the one.  We sat with her in her pen and tried to make friends.  After and hour, she sniffed our hands with much prompting.  We went to withdraw money, which proved difficult, and managed to scrounge up what we needed (including $70 in saved up pocket change).

Now, I am living with my Dad, which brings more babies to look after.  Five additional dogs and two cats:  Lady(mix), Tramp(Black Lab Retriever), Roxie(Pomeranian), Jack-Jack(Pomeranian), Zoe(Pug), Kitty(mix), Milo(American Shorthair), and of course, the natorious Marla(German Shepherd).
It's Crazy living at home.  It's basically 2 dogs and 3/5 of a cat to every person.  But It's fun.
I'm going to community college.  I love animals, I'm a vegetarian of 5 years (though, the boyfriend has introduced chicken for a little while, but I am back to the full monty).  I like art, music, movies, typical human interests of the sort.  I enjoy people for the most part. :D

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