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Bio: Semi retired ,,Photographer,,.Animal and Dog lover ,,Friends of animals,, We have decided to devote our spare time to help the lives of animals. The animals are very dear to our hearts, and it saddens us whenever we learn of any cruelty, exploitation, and abuse toward them. Animals are suffering every minute, every day. Spent much of my life in close contact with dogs, cats and other animals. They have given me immeasurable pleasure. Animals are suffering out there and need compassionate human beings to speak out for them. We are also decent and compassionate people dedicated to speaking out for animals. "We are in this world to win hearts and minds". You can count on it - for the animals. We need People the love animal, because animals are treated very badly in this world. All animals should be treated with compassion, love and respect. We need people to get that message out. DON'T say You love animals until you can face the truth about animal cruelty and are willing to be a voice for them. Please understand. We are their only hope!!! They cannot control their destiny, nor speak of the pain they suffer. But WE as a civilized society can ..and SHOULD...and help to put an end to Animal Cruelty! Those of us who love animals and include them in our families have always seen animal cruelty as family violence. How we treat Animals its a reflection to our culture and society. Please joint us: we only ask you: we need your voice:
,,Friends for the love of Animals,,  Website coming soon,,

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