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My Nme is SHIRA, I am a 41 year old sinlge mother of 3 boys ages 21, 17, and 13, I live in New Jersey, I am  ahuge animal lover, I just recently added a new addition to my family, my 10 week old Male pomeranian "KAHLUA", he is a little handful! But too cute to even explain! I also have a 3 year old PUG named BAILEY, (Who is in need of the Dog Whisperer! I love the outdoors, spending time with my Fiance and our boys... Reading is my passion, writing, and learning as much as I can. I had a pom years ago, so I am familir with the breed.  I look forward to reading all the boards, and learning as much as I can, I am friendly and outgoing, and jus tlove life... I am glad to be a part of this site.. See you on the message boards, feeel free to write me, I am an OPEN book! LOL!

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