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My names Amanda.  Im just a teen in love with photography&animals.  My dogs mean the world to me. One of them happens to be Jacobi Van Faraway ,  AKA Jacobi. Hes the one I train the most with. Hes very smart, and is a great joy :) He knows over 13 tricks, and loves agility. Hes a tricolor bordercollie and quite young. I enjoy talking about all my dogs, and if your ever wanting to see any of my dogs , id love to show them.
My dogs are underneath<33

  • Blaze - My beautiful, silly, beagle.
  • Missy - My loving , hyper, bc/lab mix.
  • Alyssa - My old, blind,loving , eskimo spitz
  • Freckles -The old sweet cocker spaniel
  • Sandy - The grouchy old loyal chihuahua
  • Jacobi - The sweet bordercollie
  •  Dale - The hyper, chi/jrt/dobermen pincher/unknown mix.
  • Hunter - The cute little jrt/chi/dauchund

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