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My name is Patty and I own /operate a pet sitting business in Bakersfield Ca.    I have 3 dogs currently and recently lost my "old man", an 11 yr old black Lab named Onyx.  I loved that ol guy even though he wasn't the smartest Lab I had ever shared my home with.  I have Cali, who is pictured, who is a Sheperd Mix who found me one morning and after lapping up water ran in my house 5 yrs ago and has been here ever since.  Then we have Sweet Pea, my daughters Chihuahua mix, who is ever so tiny at 2 1/2 lbs and has personality bigger than the humans that live here.  She is precious.  Last, but not least, the youngest of our 4 legged crew is Mia. She is 1 yrs old approx and she was adopted thru an animal rescue in Lindsey, CA after viewing her online.  She is just a special, special companion.  She is a Rat Terrier mix and we're not sure what the mix is, but they listed her as part IG, (Italian Greyhound) which is what I was intersted in finding.  I am not very confident that she has any IG in her, but nonetheless,I am keeping her because she has become my shadow, lol. 
My other interests include RV'ing with the family and my lil dogs, wine tasting, renovation of my home, dogs, laughter, family and fun.


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