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I'm a 37 year old guy who lives in Florida.  I have 2 dogs and a fish tank.
    My oldest dog is 10 yr old, and he's Austrailian Shep/Chow mix.  Bailey is trained to respond to a slew of voice and hand commands.  He can do all sorts of tricks and he enjoys showing them off.
    My other dog, Hobo, is 2 yrs old.  We have had him for about 2 months now.   We're not sure what he is, but he is an angel.  He has come a long way in these past couple months, and is a wonderful addition to our family.
    We started a fish tank about 3 months ago.  We started w/ 4 Mickey Mouse fish...we now have 4 older babies and 8 newer ones from the same mom.

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