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I love all animals, and I have an Aquarium, two Gerbils, and two Cats, Renn and Mufassia who turned eight years old last month. They are strickly Indoor Kitties & have never been outside but once in their life. They however have tons of toys, and affection to spare. They are safe, and well inside as there is just too many other larger animals running around where I live, and I am sure if they got out something bad would happen to them. I love all my Babies the same, but I am partial to Renn as he is a one person Kittie, and is like my shadow. I also like Classic Rock, Reading the Bible when my eyes will let me as I am a Diabetic, and have a hard time seeing sometimes. I build Web Sites for fun, and I also have four Grand Children, and they have a Dwarf Bunny Rabbit. They love animals also just about as much as I do. I work on my neighbors Computers where I live, and since we are in an Apartment Complex for people on Disabilities and Fixed Incomes, I do not charge them anything. I believe with all my heart in doing good to others until they do something wrong to me, and I will help anyone as much as I can without any obligations to me whatsoever. I believe that information is something to be shared freely with others less fortunate

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