World’s First Commercial Dog Cloning Service Launched

A California company which holds the sole worldwide license for the cloning of dogs and cats, has launched a commercial cloning service.

Encore Pet Services of Mill Valley, CA, a subsidiary of BioArts International, has announced itself open to orders for genetic clones of dogs. The company promises to produce a pair of later-born identical twins of the donor animal for $138,500, and guarantees that the puppies will both be healthy, and that they will have a high degree of resemblance to the genetic donor.

"Reliable high-quality dog cloning is finally here," said Lou Hawthorne, CEO of Encore Pet Science. "Those lucky enough to have a once-in-a-lifetime dog can now see lightning strike a second time."

According to the company, canine clones have to date produced a high degree of both physical and behavioral resemblance to their genetic donors. But even though a dog’s experience and training can’t be cloned, genes strongly influence intelligence and temperament. And if the cost of cloning seems a little too high to you, the company also offers a gene banking service for pet owners who want to have the option of cloning their pets in the future – perhaps when the price is cheaper. The cells containing your pet’s DNA would be cryopreserved and will last for several decades. 

Recently the company ran a competition to find the most "cloneworthy" dog, and they selected a German Shepherd called Trakr, the search-and-rescue dog, who found the last human survivor in the rubble of the 9/11 attacks. Pictured above, the company produced five clones for free and presented them to Trakr’s owner, James Symington.

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