New Census for Mixed-Breed Dogs

To coincide with the 2010 U.S. Census for humans, Mars Veterinary has launched the 2010 National Mutt Census in an effort to gather data regarding the nation's mixed-breed dogs.

There are approximately 38 million mixed-breed dogs in the United States alone, and most mixed-breed dog owners have only a vague idea of what breeds their dogs’ parents or grand-parents might be. This means that they have little idea about what diseases and conditions their dogs might be genetically pre-disposed to. Mars hopes the census will drive more dog owners to use the canine DNA tests they have developed to better understand their dogs’ breed makeup and genetic predispositions to diseases. The DNA tests offered by Mars Veterinary include the Wisdom Panel™ Insights, the "most effective cheek swab canine test available", and Wisdom Panel™ Professional – the only blood based canine DNA test. Both of these product are available from your local veterinarian.

The questionnaire, which has been developed with vets and geneticists, will also ask questions about gender, age, size, weight, feeding habits and the role of the dog within the family structure. A "compendium" of the census data and DNA tests will be published sometime in the fall after the census ends on Auguse 31st.

"Uncovering these insights will speak volumes about the health and behaviors that apply to the most common breeds. It will help dog-owners become better pet parents, creating a closer bond. And dog-lovers will understand the four legged population around them that much better. At Mars Veterinary, we believe the part-Terriers and part-Poodles of the world deserve to have their numbers known. They deserve to be counted, so please register your mutt today." said a spokesperson for Mars Veterinary.

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