Kentucky Welcomes Back Equine Adoption Fair

Three years ago, in response to the plight of abused and neglected horses across the state, the Kentucky Horse Park created the John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption Fair to provide assistance to organizations involved in rescuing them.

The John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption Fair is named in memory of the park’s beloved former resident, the legendary racehorse John Henry, and will be held in partnership with the Kentucky Horse Council. The adoption fair will feature adoptable horses from several Kentucky-based equine rescue organizations, in an effort to assist these organizations in finding good homes for their rescued horses.

"Horses are the sole reason the Kentucky Horse Park exists and they have provided a living for thousands of park employees for 32 years," stated John Nicholson, executive director of the park. "We try to return the favor by improving the lives of some horses who haven’t been as fortunate as the ones who live and compete at our park.

"We believe that it is very important to make a statement to the world about the priority Kentucky gives to equine welfare. This summer the nations will come to Kentucky for the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. When they look at how we treat our horses, we want them to see a model that will inspire an increased level of equine care in other countries. Our adoption fair is one piece of that inspiring story."

The John Henry Memorial Equine Adoption Fair, Saturday, April 17, 11:15am to 5:00pm is open to the public. Horses may be inspected by potential adopters beginning at 10:30am and throughout the day. There will also be a few dogs and cats available for adoption.

Nicholson continued, "Our adoption fair may be a rather humble event, but it makes a difference in the lives of the unwanted horses who are adopted as a result. Our goal is to assist an even larger number of horses this year."

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