Homeless Arabian Horses Given New Purpose

The Kentucky Horse Park recently welcomed a black Arabian stallion and mare through a partnership with the Kentucky Equine Humane Center (KyEHC).

Disbelieving park visitors at the Kentucky Horse Park are often heard asking why the two stunning black Arabian horses needed new homes. However, the previous owners of the horses were no longer able to care for them and the KyEHC arranged for the Kentucky Horse Park to take ownership. The KyEHC is a 72-acre facility located in central Kentucky which prides itself on never turning away horses, regardless of breed. A partnership between the park and the KyEHC was formed last October to assist some of the injured and unwanted horses coming into the Humane Center.

The two horses will soon go to work promoting the park’s next international blockbuster exhibition, A Gift from the Desert: The Art, History and Culture of the Arabian Horse. The $2.35 million event will be open from May 29th to October 15th in the International Museum of the Horse. The horses will also be used to promote the new multi-million dollar Arabian Horse Galleries wing of the museum which will open this spring, and in the park’s daily Parade of Breeds show.

John Nicholson, executive director of the park stated, "Part of our mission at the Kentucky Horse Park is to educate the public about the horse and man’s relationship to it. We are living in a time when that dynamic relationship is under tremendous stress due to economic challenges facing horse owners. The travesty of this crisis is that thousands of good horses are coming to the end of the line prematurely and will never reach the fullness of their life’s purpose unless more people get involved in their rescue. I am so proud that the Kentucky Horse Park and the Kentucky Equine Humane Center are on the redemption side of this story as we continue to invent ways to save horses’ lives and give them enjoyable jobs that will enlighten and thrill literally hundreds of thousands of park visitors."

Photograph courtesy Kentucky Horse Park.

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