Erie County SPCA Pleas For Assistance After Largest Rescue

The SPCA Serving Erie County is in desperate need of assistance following the rescue of 73 horses, 53 cats and 4 dogs from a property in East Aurora.

Almost 2 weeks after the animals were first rescued from an Emery Road property, the SPCA Serving Erie County is struggling to cope with caring for so many animals, with the local community and national organizations providing much needed assistance. "Every single donor…every single volunteer…is a partner in helping us save these animals, and this case is the largest and most costly in four decades, maybe longer. Our staff, our volunteers, and these animals need our partners now more than ever," said SPCA Deputy Director and Animal Cruelty Investigations Coordinator Beth Shapiro.

"People are driving up and dropping off supplies, donations…they’re even bringing our folks lunches and dinners. There is no way this would be possible without so many caring people coming together to help these animals," said Barbara Carr, SPCA Executive Director. The first month of care alone is expected to cost over $30,000, and the SPCA Serving Erie County specifically requests donations of rubber stall mats, lead lines, timothy hay, rakes and water buckets. Members of the public wishing to donate these items or provide financial support should call the SPCA on 716-629-3532.

The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) has dispatched its Field Investigations and Response Team to assist in the sheltering management and care of the 73 horses. The ASPCA, under the request and authority of the SPCA Serving Erie County, is establishing sheltering teams comprised of skilled horse handlers and staff for feeding, watering and cleaning for the next two to three weeks. And for the extended care of the horses, the ASPCA has granted $10,000 to the SPCA Serving Erie County and recruited members of the American Humane Association to assist in their sheltering and care over the next three weeks. The ASPCA also contacted local veterinarians to provide pro-bono veterinary exams for the horses and provided a livestock trailer for transport.

"Our goal is to help the SPCA Serving Erie County rehabilitate these horses, both physically and behaviorally. We are glad to be able to provide support to the SPCA and the Erie County community," said Jeff Eyre, the ASPCA’s Northeast Director of Field Investigations and Response.

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