Paris’ New Canine Patisserie Opens

Dogs in Paris already enjoy many luxuries not afforded to them in many other capital cities - they are welcome in department stores and are allowed to dine with their owners in restaurants. Now a US expatriate has gone one step further and opened a patisserie devoted to dogs.

Among the delicacies on offer at "Mon Bon Chien" (My Good Dog) are cat-shaped bacon biscuits and bone-shaped cookies made of real foie gras. Proprietor Harriet Sternstein is actually an award-winning pastry chef, who moved to Paris with her dog Sophie-Marie, a golden labrador with a customary love of biscuits.

The new bakery came from Harriet’s idea to combine the two main interests in her life – baking and pets. And now every day between 200 and 300 biscuits are freshly made and sold in the shop, with word spreading fast among the city’s 200,000 dogs.

"It’s not so much a matter of the form that they’re in, but the taste. We have peanut butter bears, we have vegetable stars, we have foie gras, which is actual foie gras that you and I would eat," Harriet explained.

"The biscuits can also be eaten by humans, but I advise using your back teeth to chew them rather than your canines!" she joked.

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