Survey Says Owners Can Talk To Their Pets

A new poll has revealed that most US pet owners believe they enjoy mutual communication with their pets.

The poll, released by the Associated Press and includes owners of dogs, cats, horses and other small pets, reveals that 67% of pet owners believe they can comprehend their pet’s own language and 62% says their pet understand them.

Among the most interesting findings are the differences within those questioned. For example dog owners are more likely than cat owners to think that their pets understand them and women are far more likely to think this than men. The poll also explored how the recession is impacting on owners’ relationship with their pets. An amazing 85% of respondents were not making any changes to the amount of money they spent on pet-related expenditure, even though most polls suggest people are having to reduce their overall spending. Lower-income pet owners were found to be twice as likely to be cutting back on pet-related spending.

Alarmingly, from the 15% of respondents who were reducing their pet-related spending, more than half say they are deferring routine vet care. However, the most common cutbacks are less toys, clothes and cheaper food for their pets. The poll also revealed that far more dog owners were planning to buy their pets presents than cat owners.

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