2010’s Most Unusual Dog Names

The nation's oldest and largest provider of pet insurance has revealed the most unusual dog names given to pets of policy holders.

For the third year in a row, employees of VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance), were asked to select 50 unusual dog names from the company’s database of more than 485,000 insured pets and voted for 10 of their favorites.

"One of our favorite parts of putting these lists together is talking to the pets’ owners and finding out how they came up with such imaginative names," said Curtis Steinhoff, director of corporate communications for VPI. "Strangely enough, a lot of them tell us they ruled out names they’d be too embarrassed to shout in public when calling their pets back to them. When you think about the names these owners finally decided on – like ‘Lord Chubby Pruneface’ and ‘Optimus Pants’, – it really makes you wonder what didn’t make their cut."

VPI’s final list of the most unusual dog names are as follows:

  • Pickle Von Corndog
  • Lord Chubby Pruneface
  • Badonkadonk
  • Ninjastar Dangerrock
  • Molly Mcboozehound
  • Dog Vader
  • Flopsy Squeakerton
  • Bettie Poops
  • Geez Louise
  • Barnaby Bones

"Pickle Von Corndog", a 1-year-old mixed breed, was named because he looked like a pickle, according to his owners Jason and Siobhan Engdahl. "We like to pickle and brew things in our home," Jason says. The addition of "Von Corndog" came a few days later when the Engdahl’s decided that name was a good one as well but that they didn’t want to wait to add another dog to their home before using it.

Picture courtesy Veterinary Pet Insurance

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