Early Test For Feline Pancreatitis Unveiled

A new test can detect the level of pancreatic lipase in a cat's blood, providing specific and accurate information about a feline patient's pancreatic health.

Clinical signs of Feline Pancreatitis are notoriously vague and non-specific, with cats presenting with symptoms such as lethargy, decreased appetite and dehydration. Because these symptoms are often indicative of other more common symptoms, Feline Pancreatitis is often diagnosed late, leading to more severe symptoms. Feline Pancreatitis is more common than previously thought. A 2007 study published in The Journal of Veterinary Pathology found 67 percent of cats presented for necropsy had histologic evidence of pancreatitis, irrespective of the cause of death. This includes 45 percent prevalence in apparently healthy cats.

The Spec fPL Test, developed by IDEXX Reference Laboratories, will give veterinarians a powerful tool for better understanding and diagnosing this serious disease, which will result in earlier diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Veterinarians can rule out the presence of Feline Pancreatitis by ordering the standalone test, a disease-specific profile or the sick cat panel from IDEXX Reference Laboratories.

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