9-Year-Old Girl Starts Dog Treat Business

Like many 9 year old girls, Sammy's bedroom walls are covered in pictures of dogs, but unlike most girls of her age, Sammy makes and sells homemade dog treats.

Samantha (Sammy) Senechal started her business, Sammy’s Dog Treats, with the help of her mother Stephanie, who runs a pet sitting business in Ocala (Paws n Clawz Pet Sitting). Sammy has previously tried running a dog-walking business, but says she experienced problems getting new customers because of her age. That’s when she had the idea of making homemade dog treats.

"My mom and I went to a library and did research on recipes. We had to change the whole recipe to make it ours and add Vitamins and a preservative too. We worked with a Bio- Chemist to find the right preservative that was safe for dogs and human consumption," Sammy told PetPeoplesPlace.com.

Sammy’s dog treats contain wholesome ingredients such as whole wheat flour, vitamin E, peanut butter and powdered milk and come in a variety of flavors: Plain, P-nut Butter Treats and Milk Bones. When asked what she enjoyed most about selling dog treats, Sammy says, "Being Famous and feeding my dog Lucky my Sammy’s Dog Treats".

Sammy has been brought up with dogs, and often shares her house and even bed with sleep-over guests from her mum’s pet sitting business. The family also have two Boston Terriers – Lucky and Zappa -who apparently enjoy their role of taste-testers for Sammy’s Dog Treats. Sammy is saving her profits from the business to help pay for college and ultimately wants to host her own animal show on TV.

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