Hurricane Ike Residents Urged To Reclaim Pets

It has been over a week since Hurricane Ike made landfall in Texas, and since that time thousands of stranded animals have been rescued and taken in by humane organizations across the state.

Many of the rescue organizations are overwhelmed by the number of animals coming into their shelters. Residents who left their pets behind during Hurricane Ike need to contact their local shelters, and make immediate efforts to reclaim their companion animals.

"It is crucial at this time that residents with pets who were left behind during Hurricane Ike make themselves aware of deadlines set by their local shelters, and begin reclaiming their animals. Each shelter in Texas sets its own deadlines determining how long they will keep these rescued animals, so time limits will vary from one organization to another," said Lou Guyton, The HSUS’ Southwest regional office director. "It is our number one priority to reunite these animals with their guardians as soon as possible, but many shelters will be forced to transport animals out or put them up for adoption if they are not reclaimed within the specified deadlines."

Members of The HSUS Animal Rescue team, the Humane Society of Southeast Texas, Galveston County Animal Services and many more organizations have been on the ground in Texas rescuing animals and providing sheltering support since Ike hit the coast. The team has already rescued hundreds of animals in communities devastated by Ike.

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