Oklahoma Community Pulls Together To Rescue Dogs

On 17th August, 76 purebred dogs were found abandoned near Courtney in Love County, Oklahoma, and just 10 days later all rescued dogs have found loving homes in the local community.

Scott Southerland, a Southern Oklahoma Animal Resources (SOAR) member, said 50 Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, Poodles and other breeds were neglected, abused, starving and dehydrated when they were delivered to Town and Country Animal Clinic in Ardmore. No one knows who dumped the dogs, who were temporarily housed in the animal clinic holding pens. The average age of the dogs was about three years old.

"The dogs are in better shape now because we have fed them and watered them," SOAR Director Kathy Germany said. "We don’t know how long they went without food and water, but when we put water down, they immediately drank their whole bowl of water. We’ve trimmed their nails and doctored all wounds that were on them. So physically they are in better shape. Mentally, however, a lot of the dogs are depressed, just because of the condition they were in."

Germany described as "Amazing" the community’s response once all 62 dogs ready for adoption had found homes, with a further 20 people on waiting lists. SOAR has received loads of dog food, blankets and supplies. But Germany said the group is still in need of monetary donations for vet treatment and spaying/neutering. Dogs that are not pregnant are being given about 10 days to regain their strength and get their blood count up before they begin spaying and neutering, which local vets have agreed to carry out at reduced costs.

"The response from the community has been wonderful," Germany said. "We’ve received over 500 phone calls from people wanting pets. And that is a good thing because some of these dogs are pregnant. What we are having people do is bring the mother dogs and the puppies back, and we are allowing them to have one of the puppies and the mother dog. Then we will adopt out the rest of the puppies."

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