Four Horses Fail Olympics Drugs Test

Four horses from Ireland, Germany, Brazil and Norway have been suspended from the Olympic Show Jumping final in Hong Kong on Thursday after testing positive for the prohibited substance capsaicin.

Doping control tests indicated the presence of the prohibited susbtance which is a lotion or paste derived from the chilli pepper plant that when applied can have hypersensitizing effects or a pain reliever. A hypersensitizing effect would improve a horse’s reaction time. Both effects can improve a horse’s performance. Capsaicin has always been prohibited, but it is only recently that regulators have been able to detect its use. Analysis will now be carried out on the B-samples while evidence and written submissions will be requested from each of the riders before further action is taken.

The riders were Ireland’s Denis Lynch, on Lantinus, Germany’s Christian Ahlmann, on Coster, Brazil’s Bernado Alves, on Chupa Chup, and Norway’s Tony Andre Hansen on Camiro. A total of 15 jumping horses were tested.

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