Pet Food Bank To Help Financially Challenged

A small business owner in Atlanta has started an organization to assist pet owners who can no longer afford pet food.

After hearing on the news that some people in Atlanta were abandoning their pets because they could no longer afford to feed them, Ann King, the owner of Blooming Cookies/Paws Fifth Avenue Pet Gifts was motivated to help, and rallied the Atlanta pet community, uniting shelters, rescues, and pet businesses to join in the cause to help needy pets and people. Ann set up "Save Our Pets Food Bank" with the purpose of helping owners in need as well as to support shelters and foster families, who are taking in a record number of dogs, cats and even horses. By rallying Atlanta’s pet community, animal shelters, rescue groups, and pet businesses, King and her team have already established over 20 pet food donation sites in Fulton County.

"Individuals, businesses and organizations have generously come aboard," says King. "Our desire is to prevent animal neglect and to spare loving pet owners the devastation of having to give up a best friend." The high rate of home mortgage foreclosures is also causing a burden on shelters and on people who foster pets. "Many families are being forced to move to apartments that don’t allow animals," King explains. "If a loving owner has no other alternative but to give up his pet, we can lessen the heartbreak by ensuring the animal will be well-fed until he is adopted."

Save Our Pets Food Bank have already distributed over 4,000 pounds of food to challenged and senior pet owners in August. "With the economy in a recession, food and fuel cost at an all time high, this special pet food bank program is helping many families and individuals cope with enormously difficult times", added King.

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