Pet Food Samples Test Positive for Painkiller

Two pet food samples manufactured by Menu Foods have tested positive for the painkiller acetaminophen. A Texas laboratory discovered acetaminophen in six samples of pet food tested in May.?

The lab involved in these tests did not disclose the pet food brands because of a confidentiality agreement. A consumer affairs website ( reports that the two affected brands are Pet Pride "Turkey and Giblets Dinner" and Pet Pride "Mixed Grill". According to sources, a cat died of kidney failure in January after eating Pet Pride "Turkey and Giblets" cat food. The owner of the cat had the same lots of pet food tested and they returned positive for acetaminophen. The tests also discovered the chemical cyanuric acid which is commonly used in pool chlorination in the food.

The same tests that returned positive for this painkiller did not however return positive for melamine, which was the cause of the vats pet food recall earlier this year, and is blamed for thousands of illnesses and deaths of cats and dogs nationwide. The FDA is currently investigating these results. Menu Foods announced on Monday that what they referred to as a "significant customer" will no longer buy " cuts and gravy" style products from the company. This news, thought to account for about 11% of sales, has reduced the stock price of Menu Foods significantly. The company is also facing almost 100 class action lawsuits.

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