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    Product Description
    Powder metallurgy 34-teeth drive sprocket.
    The 34-tooth drive sprocket is the driving sprocket of the engine oil pump, whose function is to drive the driving sprocket with the driving force of the timing chain, driving the sprocket and the rotor of the motor oil pump. This product is made of low-alloyed steel, surface water vapor treatment.

    Technical Parameter
    1. Gear No.:34
    2. Pitch:9.525
    3. Grain diameter:φ6.35
    4. Outside diameter:φ106.7
    5. Root diameter:φ96.75
    6. Ball diameter:φ6.35+0.01
    7. Dimension over two balls in same plane:109.58
    8. Weight:200g
    9. Density:>6.6g/cm³
    10. Surface: Steam treatment

    Process Flow
    1.Mixing→2.Pressing→3.Sintering→4.Steam treatment→5.Oil pregnation→6.Packaging.

    Material Control sheet
    Material Control sheet
    Material DeslgnationType of MaterialChemical Composition(%)
    1. How many automatic forming equipments in your press workshop?
    A: We totally have 45 sets automatic forming equipments from 15ton to 500 ton.More than 400,000 pieces can be produced in a single day.
    2. Is your forming facility hydraulic press or mechanical press? made from where?
    A: The forming equipment we use is the mechanical press of ningbo huizhong, which is the first brand in China.
    3. How many kinds of powder metallurgy material you choose to use?
    A: till now, we frequently use Hybird Low-alloy steel, Diffusion-alloyed steel, pre-alloyed steel, sinter-hardened steel, Ordinary iron carbon, iron and copper carbon powder etc, stainless steel we also use.
    4. Which material standard your company according with to production?
    A: We can manufacture products according to MPIF standard 35, JIS Z 2550-1983, and we can also produce according to DIN 30910 standard.
    5. Who is the supplier of raw materials you choose?
    A: Our raw material supplier is hoganas, the world’s largest manufacturer of powder metallurgical materials, and the United States hoeganaes, the second largest powder metallurgical material manufacturer in the world. We also use a part of shandong lai-steel raw materials.
    6. if your testing equipments is completed?
    A: We have an independent laboratory, such as densitometer, profilometer, electron microscope scanner, steel innac spectrometer, carbon and sulfur analyzer, hardness tester, strength tester, etc.Powder Metallurgy Sprocket Wheel manufacturers

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