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    Product Details
    We are committed to manufacture and supply good quality aluminium collapsible tubes in a professional and flexible environment, on time and at the right cost to our customers through continual improvement in implementation of quality management system.We have acquired all this with the help of our qualified, dedicated & professionally trained staff. Quality is the way of life and we wish to continue serving our customers effectively and efficiently forever.
    Advantages Of Aluminium Collapsible Tubes
    • Tamper-Proof: Makes adulteration impossible. Cannot be re-filled or re-used.
    • Protective: Contents remain well protected and free from contamination.
    • Elegant: Attractive Possess a bright surface and lend themselves to trouble-free printing, this enhances shelf and customer appeal.
    • Non-Toxic & Hygienic: Non -Toxic, hygienic, non-absorbent, Impart no taste, flavour, odour or color to contents.
    • Lightweight: Easy to handle. Reduces transport and handling cost.
    • Complete Collapsibility: Highly ductile, ensures complete collapsibility.
    • Easy Availability: Aluminium Colapsible tubes are easily available.
    • Economical: Costs less than Tin or lead tubes. Needs no varnish.
    • User Convenience: Easy to use, unbreakable, easy to carry, light in weight, hygienic, non-toxic.
    • Filling Equipment: The machines used in filling and sealing collapsile tubes are available from a number of manufacturers in either hand operated, semi-automatic or fully automatic styles, we can also supply the same maufactured by us. Rates will be given on request.
    Our Collapsible Tubes Are Made Of
    1. Full-automatic production lines
    2. Daily production can be reached 600,000 pieces
    3. Six colors printing machine
    4. 99.7% pure aluminum
    5. Enclosed workshop
    6. Inner coating resins are supplied by PPG Group
    7. Aseptic packing
    8. Strong quality inspection department, check the quality during sampling making and production manufacturing
    9. Products : Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable,Lightweight, unbreakable,Corrosion resistant, Longer shelf-life for products
    10. Customised logos and designs are available
    Size: 25*150mm
    Volume: 50mlHair Colour Tube

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