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    This Machino type jet/spray nozzle was approved of MED by DNV GL, can be widely used in marine market. It is designed and tested as per EN15182-1:2007, EN15182-2:2007 and EN15182-3:2007, it also complies with JIS B9911. This Machino type dual-purpose nozzle is easy to maintain and service. This Machino nozzle complies with the most updated regulation and standard. This spray has a long throw distance combined with a significant cooling effect. The inlet was BSP 2.0 assorted with Machino adaptors. Machino DN40, DN50 and DN65 adaptors are available for options. The jet/spray nozzle can be connected with Machino couplings and firehoses.
    The body of the head is made of brass with chrome plated, so this nozzle has superior anticorrosive feature, suitable to use in terrific marine environment. The head is covered with heavy duty protective rubber. The handle tube was made by high impact resistant plastic. The valve plate was made by import plastic material. The adaptors are made of brass or aluminum.
    Machino Nozzle
    Machino Fire Nozzle
    Low pressure loss, light weight, full corrosion resistance against sea water. Simple design to be maintenance-free, low operating forces. Maintenance-freely!
    Designed with only a few parts produces an insensible and efficient jet/spray dual purpose nozzle. Absolutely smooth inner surface for less pressure loss design. The adaptors are made by forging and pressing.
    Y12 (12mm), Y16 (16mm), Y19 (19mm), the inlet is BSP 2″ with Machino adaptor. With Machino adaptor, the jet/spray nozzle can connect with Machino firehose couplings.
    This jet/spray nozzle can be widely used for marine and land fire-fighting, assembled with a firehose through coupling. This jet/spray nozzle is extremly suitable for marine environment with great functional and economical features.Fire Hose Nozzles price

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