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    1. Description
    Vegetable drying oven is the best equipment of baking and drying the vegetable and dried fruit / nut material. It is the advanced equipment to baking the vetable at present.
    2. Advantage
    1) High degree of automation, temperature can be adjust as the high temperature and low temperatures, which can do low temperature drying and high temperature baking;
    2) Using independent heated, so the value can be set easily;
    3) Heated by electricity and natural gas, and the heat exchanged by the circulate fan, so there is no carbon monoxide, no sulfur dioxide and non-pollution.
    4) Using automatic and continuous feeding, it makes the thickness and temperature of the materil adjusted automaticly, which can ensure high uniform grade and good color.
    5) Cooling area is setted behind the oven, which can achieve integration of the baking and cooling, the machine features compact form,low noise non-pollution and energy saving.China Vegetable Roasting Machine manufacturers



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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