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    hi im sorta new…and well i have two red ear slider turtles and there only about a year and a half so all there life all theve eaten is store bot dry turtle food but i no they also eat fruits and veggies so what type of fruits and veggies can they eat? apples?banana’s? what?



    Well, i don’t know that much about turtles, but i like
    reading about diferent kinds of animals. Anyway, turtles
    can eat greens like roma lettuce, winter green lettuce, cabage
    (not to much it might stink), and brocoli.
    i’d still give them some of the store bought food to,
    Good luck.



    live feeder fish (guppies, goldfish, minnows), earthworms, crickets, waxworms, earthworms, silkworms, aquatic snails, blood worms, daphnia, shrimp, krill, mealworms. For very small turtles, prey may have to be cut into smaller pieces. Larger turtles can be offered larger items like tadpoles.
    Leafy greens: collard, mustard and dandelion greens, kale, bok choy. Head (iceberg) lettuce should never be feed as it contains very little nutrition, but dark green leaf lettuces (e.g romaine) can be feed sparingly
    Aquatic plants: in an aquarium or pond you can add aquatic plants on which turtles usually love to snack. Submerged plants like anacharis are often eaten, as are water hyacinth, water lettuce, duckweed, azolla (fairy moss), and frog-bit.
    Other vegetables: carrots (tops are fine too), squash and green beans.
    A good reptile multivitamin with calcium and vitamin D3 shoule be mixed with the food a couple of times a week. Also, an excellent way to provide additional calcium is by putting a cuttlebone in the turtle tank. These are often avaiable in the bird section, and they can be affixed to the tank or just floated in the water.



    hey thanks a lot for all you help!!!!!!



    You can do some research on the internet, just google "caring for red ear slider turtles" and lots of information will come up.

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